Sustainability and the Environment

The Verdancy Group is a specialist provider of environmental training for schools, colleges, universities and businesses. Our sustainability courses have been crafted by specialists in both environmental issues and education. You can be confident that all of our course content is relevant, understandable and thought-provoking.

Take a look at our sustainability courses below, which can be delivered through online, in-person or blended teaching methods.

Waste In The Circular Economy (SCQF Level 5)

Our flagship SCQF-accredited course provides learners with the opportunity to learn about the circular economy and its role in protecting our environment. Participants will gain practical skills that they can apply to their studies, current and future job roles and personal development. They will also learn how to contribute to their organisations’ green credentials.

We’ll discuss current governmental waste management policies and how to identify non-compliant business practices. We’ll also cover the government’s plan for new carbon neutral waste management policies, as well as the differences between ‘linear’ and ‘circular’ economies.


Perfect For School Students, College Learners, Employees

Course Duration  30 Hours

What You’ll Get  SCQF Level 5 Certificate

Delivery Mode  Online/Blended/Classroom

REHIS Business Waste Disposal

This course provides a working understanding of Scottish waste management regulations and the legislation that businesses and their employees must follow. The learner journey starts with understanding why actions need to be taken, before considering how to undertake these changes and what can happen if we don’t proactively reduce waste and comply.

This course gives practical examples and tips to ensure you and your business are contributing to Scotland’s Net Zero targets.

This module is accredited by the Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland (REHIS). Upon successful completion, learners will be issued with a Recycling Compliance Card (photograph required).

Perfect For School Students, College Learners, Employees

Course Duration 8 Hours

What You’ll Get Certificate and Recycling Compliance Card

Delivery Mode  Online/Blended/Classroom


Our choices and actions impact on the environment in lots of ways. For example, choosing to leave the tap running whilst brushing our teeth or whether to buy local food or food that has been transported across the world.

Through this module, we will focus on how the choices we make relating to energy usage, water usage, waste disposal, transport and food impact on our planet. We aim to show how we can achieve sustainability in these areas without transferring the costs and consequences to future generations.

Perfect For School Students, College Learners, Employees

Course Duration 4 Hours

What You’ll Get  Completion Certificate

Delivery Mode  Online/Blended/Classroom

Sustainability & Environmental Issues

Many of us understand how our daily activities impact the environment and the sustainable changes we can make to benefit the planet. But what about the environmental impact of the organisations who employ us? How can we make the workplace green?

Set in “Smoke City” this module will look at sustainability and corporate social responsibility. We’ll identify changes that organisations can make to improve their environmental practices and potential obstacles that might arise.


Perfect For School Students, College Learners, Employees

Course Duration  2 Hours

What You’ll Get  Completion Certificate

Delivery Mode  Online/Blended/Classroom

Climate Change

In this short module, our objectives are to examine key terminology around the subject of climate change, explore the cost and impact of its effects and develop an understanding of the organisations involved in tackling this issue. We will identify the obligations of public bodies and learn about the changes we can make in our personal lives to benefit the planet, such as saving energy and generating electricity at home.

Perfect For School Students, College Learners, Employees

Course Duration  40 Minutes

What You’ll Get  Completion Certificate

Delivery Mode  Online/Blended/Classroom

My Circular Economy

This short course will spark interest in the circular economy.

Using engaging videos, case studies and thought-provoking questions, learners will enhance their knowledge of the circular economy and challenge their preconceptions. The course culminates with each learner creating their own personal circular economy action plan based on what they have learnt and how their perceptions of the subject have changed.

Perfect For


Course Duration

1 – 2 Hours

What You’ll Get



N/A – entry level

Delivery mode

Presentation (on or off-site) / Online

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