Working in partnership with early years, secondary and higher education specialists, we have created a range of learning materials and courses. They are designed to increase awareness of the circular economy and sustainability, personal development and employability topics.

The world of work is changing. We are preparing young people for careers that, as yet, do not exist. The sustainable careers of the future will demand a meta-skills mindset that is agile, inquisitive and resilient. To enhance these skills, we provide a suite of learning resources.

Waste in the Circular Economy Award

The Waste in the Circular Economy award is credit rated at SCQF Level 5. 

The award provides learners with the opportunity to develop their values, attitudes and skills towards achieving a circular economy and protecting our environment.

The knowledge gained from this award will support students’ ability to relate their learning and achievements to their future careers, businesses and personal development. The award has also been contextualised to individual specialisms and areas of interest.

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Recycling Compliance Card

The Recycling Compliance Card (RCC) is accredited by the Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland (REHIS). We understand that each organisation is unique in its approach to waste and the environment. In the increasingly challenging world of procurement, tendering and verification, we ensure that your clients’ environmental requirements are fulfilled and evidenced in a clear, simple and effective way.


This two-hour awareness module provides the opportunity to explore and understand the many ways our actions impact the environment.

Throughout this module, we’ll focus on how the choices we make about energy and water use, waste disposal, transport and food all affect our planet. We aim to demonstrate how to behave sustainably in these areas without transferring the costs and consequences to future generations.

The Verdancy Group Circular Economy Forrest
The Verdancy Group Circular Economy Forrest

Climate Change

We’ll examine key terminology around the subject of climate change, explore its costs and consequences and get to know the organisations tasked with tackling the issue.

We’ll also identify the obligations of public bodies and learn how we can benefit from saving and generating our own electricity at home.

This module should take around 40 minutes to complete.

The Sustainability and Climate Change courses are both great ways of generating widespread awareness and have been well received within schools.

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