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As the world’s transition towards a net-zero norm gathers pace, we foresee nations, governments and businesses of all sizes making sustainability, the environment and the circular economy all priorities.

But an organisations’ ability to reduce its carbon footprint relies on its people. Our vision, “sustainable minds lead to sustainable actions”, can only be achieved if we support our people with the learning and resources necessary to spark change.

Net Zero is a fantastic commitment, but do your people and your wider supply chain understand the role they play in realising that vision? A culture change takes every member of your team, and starts with explaining fundamental principles like what a carbon footprint is, for example, and the meaning behind ‘net zero emissions’.

What it involves

We believe our value is achieved when we work with the organisation to scope, consult and create the learning and engagement content required to make that change. A number of our clients have already made the sustainable* commitments of for now and in the future and have shared those ambitions internally and in the public domain.

We understand that terms such as “net zero”, “carbon neutral” and “zero waste to landfill” impact a wide and diverse workforce in many ways, but what roles and to what detail, do your people need to understand this? We have the expertise within our business to support at all levels. We achieve this by designing and creating content from the appropriate awareness and informative modules and shaping them to being more significant learning and development outcomes.

The Verdancy Group Carbon Footprint Team Meeting
The Verdancy Group Carbon Footprint Team Meeting

Our Approach

Our approach is simple but effective. We start by listening – not telling.

We are able to propose and suggest engagement and awareness strategies that will form the basis our your people development or we can utilise the tools that we have to support current internal learning and people functions.

We possess the subject expertise within our network, along with the learning and people engagement, which is at the heart of what we do.