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The Verdancy Group Carbon Neutral Steven

Steven Kiakowski


Driven to educate the workforce of the future and protect the planet through carbon neutral practices, Steven co-founded The Verdancy Group with Colin in 2015. He recognised the need for habits to change in order to safeguard our planet’s future. The Verdancy Group was founded to drive environmental education and transform practices at home, in the community and within industry.

Steven’s expertise lies in the subject itself, with his knowledge of the industry steering our eLearning materials and business courses. Whether building our brand or poring through the course materials to ensure they are of the highest quality, Steven lies central to business strategy and operations.

The Verdancy Group Carbon Neutral Colin

Colin Grieve


A co-founder of The Verdancy Group, Colin brings a wealth of knowledge from his time in the navy and his background in the metal industry. His interests lie in making recycling, sustainability and carbon neutral options clear and straightforward, to help people help the planet.

As a director, Colin’s expertise is in business and environmentalism. When not helping improve business operations, he can be found in our clients’ offices or out in the field supporting our partners.


Susan McSeveney


Susan joined the business in late May 2021 after a successful career in FE as a Lecturer, Depute Centre Head and laterally a Learning and Skills Manager with West Lothian College. Susan has long been invested in the environment and looking for ways to help. 

Her own interest, alongside her belief that more can be done to teach sustainability in schools and colleges, makes her a natural fit for The Verdancy Group. 

A vital asset to the business, Susan brings a full understanding of the education sector in Scotland coupled with contacts through the industry. Her knowledge of our service and where it can fit within colleges and schools has helped us focus and streamline our offering.

The Verdancy Group Carbon Neutral Peter

Peter Fitzpatrick

Board Member

With a clear remit to grow our digital presence and eLearning communications, Peter joined our team in 2016. As Director of Training, he provides the educational string to our bow. Invested in protecting the planet by helping organisations reach carbon neutral targets and providing excellent learning opportunities for students, Peter is a natural leader within our team.

With his background in project management and digital learning, Peter’s expertise coordinates our learning resources and ensures we are delivering to the highest levels. Whether speaking at board level with our college and school clients about carbon footprint reduction or helping to steer the right decisions for our learning platforms, Peter is an integral part of The Verdancy Group.

The Verdancy Group Carbon Neutral Kenny

Kenny Wiggins

Board Member

Kenny joined The Verdancy Group in 2017 as a board advisor. With a long and varied career, his experience of mentoring businesses and chairing boards, as well as his interest in environmental issues make Kenny a key member of The Verdancy Group senior team.

Kenny is our figurehead for all things commercial and operational. His incomparable expertise helps steer us in the right direction in areas such as strategy, business growth and relationship management. His primary goal is to ensure the highest possible client satisfaction.

Michelle Gregory_20150603_0009

Michelle Gregory

Board Member

Passionate about helping businesses prosper, Michelle takes pride in her work as a sustainability-focused management accountant. She joined the group in 2017, bringing with her a wealth of experience and an enthusiasm for all things sustainable. 

Michelle is currently studying for qualification through the Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment (IEMA). In her personal life, she is committed to reducing waste, supporting tree-planting initiatives and embracing a more natural lifestyle.

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