Pioneering Sustainable Futures: The Verdancy Group’s Role in Scotland’s Retrofit Revolution

In a groundbreaking initiative, The Verdancy Group is proud to announce its involvement in a transformative project set to revolutionise Scotland’s approach to achieving its ambitious 2045 Net Zero target. Through a synergistic partnership, we are embarking on a journey to address the urgent need for upskilling in the retrofit sector, a critical step toward our sustainable future.

Scotland faces the colossal task of upgrading and retrofitting approximately 2.6 million homes by 2045, a challenge intensified by the current pace of progress. Recognising the magnitude of this endeavor, The Verdancy Group, alongside a consortium of industry and academic stakeholders, is committed to fostering a collaborative approach. This approach aims not only to meet immediate training needs but also to build resilience within Scotland’s retrofitting landscape.

Our initiative, supported by the Edinburgh and South East Scotland City Region Deal’s Integrated Regional Employability and Skills Programme, targets the critical recruitment and skill gaps within the retrofit sector. By providing funded training opportunities, particularly for FE staff and learners, we ensure inclusivity and accessibility, empowering those who will lead the transformation towards a sustainable future.

Co-designed by leading experts in both industry and education, the learning content is tailored to Scotland’s unique retrofitting needs, ensuring relevance and impact. This bespoke approach sets a precedent for addressing environmental challenges through education and skill development.

Kenny Hall, Integrated Employer Engagement Manager at Capital City Partnership, shares our enthusiasm for this project’s potential to catalyse change across the region “We are extremely excited to be able to pilot this project across our region and develop a platform for future rollout throughout Scotland.” Funded by the same Regional Employability and Skills Programme, the project aims to deliver accredited Understanding Domestic Retrofit qualifications, enabling effective learning and upskilling to support Scotland’s Net Zero journey.

The initiative will pilot between March and June 2024, with anticipation building for its commencement and the insights it will bring. A heartfelt thanks to everyone involved, especially our partners at Borders College, Edinburgh College, Fife College, The Energy Training Academy, and West Lothian College, for their invaluable contribution to this project’s development.

Join us as we lead the charge in Scotland’s retrofit revolution, a pivotal step in our global mission for sustainability. For more information and updates on this initiative, follow us on LinkedIn.

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