Business case study: Touchstone Traffic Solutions

We recently worked with Gary McSporran, Business Development Manager at Touchstone Traffic Solutions, a road traffic management company based in West Lothian. 

We supported the company with a total overview of its existing waste and recycling procedures, helping them to educate their wider team on sustainable action in practice.

Gary spoke to us about the impact of our collaboration. 

How did The Verdancy Group support you?

The Verdancy Group supported Touchstone through various routes on our sustainability Carbon & Waste legacy development plans.

Following a complete overview of our business structure, we were advised on everything from office recycling procedures to turnkey recycling as part of our projects, including food, plastics and general waste – advice that we’re still strictly adhering to. 

What challenges were you experiencing prior to working with The Verdancy Group?

While we had an appreciation of the importance of recycling on a theoretical level, it was very difficult for us to implement in practice. On large-scale projects, every single team member needs to be bought into the idea of sustainable practice, otherwise efforts can go to waste.

Before we worked with The Verdancy Group, we had a general lack of understanding amongst our team about the wider implications of improper recycling practices.

How did The Verdancy Group help you to overcome these challenges?

The Verdancy Group helped us to educate our team and set out a roadmap for what a successful approach to waste and recycling should look like.

Following support from The Verdancy Group, Touchstone was the first in our industry to introduce the (RCC) REHIS Recycling card for all of our operatives. This has been hugely significant in terms of educating our personnel on the importance of recycling, which is now perceived within our teams as of equal importance to health and safety. 

Our operatives bring all their daily waste back to our yard to dispose of inappropriate waste and recycling streams, thereby lowering our waste overall – it’s second nature to our team now.

What results have you seen?

Our yard is now totally organised and everybody knows where to distribute recycling materials. Implementing the RCC Recycling card has been a major success for our business – educating our teams and helping them to take ownership of the companies’ ethos helps us action our sustainability model.

Touchstone is also receiving positive feedback on our sustainable approach at procurement, tendering and audit stages. We received a 100% sustainability score from Achilles UVDB*, and believe that a number of recent contract awards were influenced by our green credentials.

What was your overall experience of working with The Verdancy Group?

We found The Verdancy Group to be a very professional team with a great attitude when it comes to education teams and companies on sustainability matters.

Many thanks to Gary for this excellent feedback. It was a pleasure to work with the Touchstone Traffic Solutions team, and we’re pleased to learn of the positive results our collaboration has garnered. 

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*An independent auditor of utilities industry organisation’s Safety, Health, Environment, Quality (SHEQ) management systems and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

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