Protecting Your Remote Team’s Wellbeing: How to Support Your Workforce From Home

Stressed-out team? Working remotely can take a toll on employees. Learn how to support your team and improve their wellbeing with our essential 3-module toolkit for managers and leaders. 

What's Included

The toolkit contains a blend of resources from interactive modules to short videos providing a number of tips and tricks covering areas such as:

The toolkit provides 3 hours of CPD learning and is fully delivered via our online learning platform.



The Verdancy Group Team Wellbeing Stressed Home Working

Course Duration

3 Hours

What You'll Get

Certificate & CPD


Entry Level

The Verdancy Group Team Wellbeing Steven Kiakowski

Designed with business leaders in mind, our toolkits are hand-picked by industry professionals. This ensures the relevancy of our resources.

– Steven Kiakowski, Director

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